Code of Conduct

At Better4media we commit ourselves to honesty and personal accountability in our work. As a provider of Internet marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to our clients, we constantly strive to achieve higher rankings, improved traffic and conversions, and positive return on investment for our clients’ websites while adhering to the following Code of Ethics:

1: We will always work to increase or retain the rankings, and increase conversions and return on investment for our clients’ site to the best of our ability.

We will continue to stay ahead of the curve, keeping pace with the evolution of search engine algorithms and changing website technologies.

2: We will treat all clients fairly and without bias.

When we provide services for clients in related spaces or industries, we will do so fairly, in good faith and without bias. We will be diligent in ensuring we are distributing our clients’ campaign efforts fairly. When warranted, and possibly for a fee, we may assign the accounts being managed by separate SEM account managers and SEM specialists.

3: We will not set unreasonable client expectations.

We will set realistic expectations and goals for our services and will not make unreasonable promises. We will express honesty in discussing the types of results that can be realistically expected and those that cannot.

4: We will maintain complete confidentiality and protect the anonymity of our clients.

We will not divulge information about any client’s business or discuss our SEM work or progress on their site, including any lead information, proprietary or intellectual property without prior written consent from the client. We will also ensure that all Thrive employees and contractors have agreed to written agreements of non-disclosure ensuring the confidentiality of all client information.

5: We will not engage in any activities that intentionally cause harm to a client’s brand or reputation.

We will work to ensure that the processes we use adhere to search engine and directory guidelines and will never knowingly use tactics or techniques that are known to get sites penalized or removed from the search engine indexes or directories.

6: We will not intentionally violate published rules of search engines.

We will constantly work to ensure we are up-to-date on the rules and guidelines of the search engines. As changes to the rules and guidelines take place, we will act as necessary to ensure our client’s site remains in compliance so as to avoid any potential violations.

7: We will not violate any governmental laws.

We will do our due diligence to ensure we are not in violation of any copyright laws or infringing on trademarks. We ensure our practices are in line with all applicable local, state and international always and regulations of conduct for business and Internet operations.

8: We will not falsely represent others’ work as our own.

We will seek to provide original content and designs for all clients in order to avoid any potential plagiarism issues. Any content we may utilize which is produced for us by a third party will be used with their expressed consent of its usage.

9: We will not intentionally deceive or mislead consumers or search engine crawlers.

We will work to ensure we do not misrepresent the client or intentionally display inaccurate information on the client’s behalf either within search engine results listings or advertisements or within the content on the client’s website.

10: We will not misrepresent our services or ourselves.

We will be truthful in relaying all details of our Search Engine Optimization services, methods, skills, certifications, training, performance history, resources and timetables, and never intentionally mislead our clients on the details of such.

11: We hold our clients up to the highest standard.

11.1. All of our clients must have “a seal of approval” from at least one government sanctioned organization.

11.2. All of our clients must be licenced and regulated by government organizations to avoid harm to consumers and to ensure compliance with laws on money laundering.

11.3. All of our clients must keep their customer data private, safe and secure.

11.4. All of our clients must pay out deposits to customers in a span of 5 days.

Should any client violate any of those rules our relationship with this client will be terminated immediately to ensure the integrity of our company.
As SEM professionals we hereby vow to abide by the aforementioned SEM Code of Ethics and agree to conduct our business with full integrity to ensure the continued success of not only our company but also the success and prosperity of our clients’ businesses as well.